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Trade Name Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President Hirofumi Imanishi
Head Office 5-7-17 Yaga-Shinmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima,
732-0044 Japan
TEL : +81-82-286-0661 FAX : +81-82-286-3989
E-mail : info@imanishi.co.jp
Capital Stock 70,000,000 yen
Sales 2,800,000,000 yen (Average of yearly turnover)
Established June 1, 1921
Founded June 1, 1947
Number of Employees 93 employees
Office and Plants Head office, Yaga plant, Funakoshi plant, Kaita plant
Industrial Classification Manufacture of general machinery
Qualifications Constructor License, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015
(Head office, Yaga plant, Kaita plant)
Principal Products
Since started our business in 1921 as a wood pattern maker for castings, we have expanded business activities into various related technological fields.
By fully utilizing our craftsmanship and CAD/CAM technology, we provide various products such as welding tools for car body assembly and
casting dies and molds and precision casting by 3D printer consistently from design, manufacturing to trial.

Principal Products Department Plant
Production Facilities Tooling Dept. Yaga Plant
Dies and Molds Mold and Casting Dept. Kaita Plant
Castings Mold and Casting Dept. Kaita Plant
Principal Customers
Mazda Motor Corporation , Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. , Honda Motor Co., Ltd. , Isuzu Motors Limited ,
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. , Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc. , AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ,
Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation , The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. ,
Takagi Seiko Corporation, etc. (in random order)
Toyukai Affiliated Corporation, Yoshinkai, Yuhokai, The Materials Process Technology Center,
Japan Foundry Engineering Society, Japan Foundry Society, Inc. , Japan Wood Pattern Manufacturers Association,
The Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology, etc.
Principal Machines
stereolithography machine (ATOM), 3-D high speed laminated object manufacturing (LOM) machine, 5-axis machining center,
5-sided large machining center, double-column machining center, vertical machining center, horizontal machining center,
wire electrical discharge machine, NC milling machine, NC plate feeding device, radial drilling machine,
ROBODRILL, hydraulic press machine, high-frequency electric melting furnace, low-frequency induction furnace,
self-hardening sand recovery processing unit, casting and molding equipment, mold firing furnace, sprue cutter device,
precision casting and molding equipment, coordinate measuring machine (CMM), articulated portable CMM,
optical emission spectrometer, etc.
Principal CAD/CAM Software
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