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Dies and Molds
Hot Stamping
  Hot stamping is a special method which includes operations of heating, forming, cutting and quenching of sheet metal. By hot stamping method, strong and lightweight parts are manufactured.
  We take charge of manufacturing dies which hold the key of a new method of hot stamping.
■ Dies for Forming
                    (1/3 Process)
  First process is forming. The dies are kept hot circulating high-temperature oil through pipes.

  Material: FCD550
■ Dies for Cutting
                    (2/3 Process)
  Second process is cutting off unecessary parts. The same thermal function as dies for forming is adopted. Edges of cutters are made by SKD diffusion bonding.

  Size: 1,860*800*900
  Mass: 4,900Kg
  Material: FC250+SKD
■ Dies for Quenching
                    (3/3 Process)
  Final process is quenching. Heated products are cooled rapidly by running water through the pipes, and hardened.

Our New Method of Hot Stamping
  Fig.1 shows the process of conventional hot stamping method.
Step-1:Heating steel sheet
Step-2:Forming and quenching
Step-3:Cutting unnecessary parts by a laser.
The process requires laser cutting because products are hardened by quenching.
  Fig.2 shows our new method of multistage mold hot stamping. Three operations of forming, cutting and quenching can be perfomed by single press machine.
Compared with the conventional hot stamping method, it takes shorter time for stamping.
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