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Message from President
  Our company started as a wood pattern maker for castings in 1921. Since then we have expanded our business on the basis of our die and mold technology, and casting technology. Now we focus our business on automotive industry domestic and overseas with product line-up of various dies and molds, production facilities and castings for trial stage and mass production.
  By utilizing both traditional craftsmanship and digital technology, we provide every products above customers’ satisfaction through consistent original in-house process of design, manufacturing and trial operation in short delivery time. About 3D printers, we have achievements of 20 years and are regarded as a leading company in making precision castings from 3D models.
Also, we are making great effort to foster our young staff so that they will understand the nature of manufacturing and will feel the same pleasure and pride as their seniors. We intend to inherit craftsmanship steadily to the next generation.
All our staff will keep challenging for innovative value to bring further satisfaction to customers. Please give us your continued support, guidance and encouragement. Thank you. 
Hirofumi Imanishi
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