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1921 Mr. Kanichi Imanishi founded a wood pattern model factory for castings in Zaimokucho, Hiroshima city.
1934 Relocated in Yaga-Shinmachi, Hiroshima city for business expansion. (present Yaga plant)
1947 Reorganized to joint-stock company Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1952 Commenced manufacture of iron castings.
1958 Commenced manufacture of casting dies and molds.
1960 Newly established Kaita plant.
1975 Licensed by Zulzar Brothers Ltd.of Switzerland for the SUP precision casting process.
1976 Yaga plant tackled design and manufacture of welding tools for car body assembly.
1977 Kaita plant tackled manufacture of stamping dies for prototyping.
1977 Introduced from Laval Ltd. of France JUPTRADE system (rapid casting process).
1986 Integrated head office functions to Yaga-shinmachi, Hiroshima city.
1987 Kaita plant tackled design and manufacture of plastic molds.
1988 Introduced 3-D CAD/CAM system.
1991 Newly established Funakoshi plant.
1993 Constructed a new plant building at Kaita plant.
1996 Yaga plant introduced "LOM2030E" system for rapid prototyping.
2000 Head office and Yaga plant acquired certificate of ISO9001:1994. (2000.6.1)
2002 Imanishi Mfg. acquired certificate of ISO9001:2000.
2003 Imanishi Mfg. acquired certificate of ISO14001. (2003.3.6)
2003 Introduced "LOM SC800" system for rapid prototyping.
2003 Introduced 5-sided machining center.
2005 Renewed high frequency electric induction furnace and firing furnace for precision castings.
2007 Introduced machining center and robot system for high efficient jig production.
2007 Introduced the second 5-sided machining center.
2009 Imanishi Mfg. acquired certificate of ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004. (2009.2.10)  
2009 Introduced 5-axis vertical machining center.  
2010 Introduced casting simulation system and optical emission spectrometer.  
2010 Imanishi Mfg. acquired certificate of ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004. (2010.3.9)  
2014 Introduced stereolithography machine, "ATOMm-4000".  
2017 Introduced new horizontal machining center for jig production.  
2018 Imanishi Mfg. acquired certificate of ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015. (2018.3.6)  
  2021 Imanishi Mfg. celebrated the 100th anniversary. (2021.6.1)  
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