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Precision Casting Technology Using Rapid Ceramic Molding Method
  We produce molds for precision castings by our original method called "Rapid Ceramic Molding Method".
Conventional method requires 5 to 6 days to make the molds whereas our method can provide them in a few hours because drying process is unnecessary.
■Casting Design by Utilizing Simulation Software         
  3D model data and casting plans are designed based on drawings and CAD data from customers. Fluidity and solidification of molten metal are checked by casting-simulation software and are fed back to casting plan.
■Printing Solid Models from 3D Data
  Solid models are printed from 3D data (STL). By stereolithography method, UV curable resin is hardened by laser. The maximum model size is 400 × 400 × 300 mm. Customers can check the appearance at this stage.
  The solid models made by stereolithography can be used as lost patterns to make ceramic molds. The molds are made by coating the solid models with ceramic powder repeatedly until the ceramic layers are made. Then the models are put into a furnace of 1000℃ to be burned to ashes and the ceramic molds remain. Finally by pouring melted metal into the molds, we can take out castings. Casting surfaces are very smooth, and products of complex shapes can be created in very short time.
■Types of Material
  Materials for castings are cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Any number of products even one item can be manufactured depending on customer's requests.
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