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Production Facilities
Full Service Supplier
  We are the Full service supplier with total engineering technology of production facilities from conceptual design to starting-up.
We are good at manufacturing production facilities for car bodies.
■ Conceptual Design of Production Facilities
  We start conceptual design by 3D-CAD and realize customer's requests.
■ Manufacturing with Digital Technology
  We use 3D-CAD for detailed design and check rigidity of jigs by strength analysis software. Interference checks and off-line teaching are performed by robotics simulation software.
  We design the jigs with full consideration of workability and safety.
■ Automatic Production System for Jigs
  We have developed full automatic production system capable of producing about 350 component parts in 72 hours continuously.
The machining center processes holes and shaped parts without need of set-up change. This system ensures high precision of component parts.
■ Temporary Trial
  Comprehensive trial before shipping raises the quality of assembly lines. Operations of robots, welding guns and automated equipment are checked. Endurance running, workability and safety are also tested.
■ Installation on Customers' Site
  Our staff as supervisor can assist production launching or operator training in a plant.
  We are in cooperative relationship with a Thai company through technical guidance of engineering.
【Overseas Installation Achievements】 U.S.A. (Detroit), Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China (Nanjing, Changchun, Chongqing), etc.
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