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Production Facilities
Welding Tools for Car Body Assembly   Production Facilities
Assembly Jigs
Jigs to assemble car body parts using spot welding
Bonding Jigs and Related Facilities
Bonding jigs for resin or glass parts
Integrated Assembly Lines for Car Body
Integrated assembly lines for car body using jigs and robots
Equipment in Piston Production Lines
Coating equipment in piston production lines
Dies and Molds
Casting Molds   Plastic and Stamping Molds
Casting Molds
Green sand molds, shell molds, and cold box molds
RIM Molds
Low pressure molds using DCPD resin
Die Casting Molds
Gravity die casting molds, low pressure die casting molds, and high pressure die casting molds
Blow Molds
Molds for hollow plastic products used in the industries of automobile, construction machine and housing facilities
Dies and Molds for Prototyping
Plastic molds for prototyping, and stamping dies of car parts for prototyping
Precision Castings   Castings
Precision Castings
Runners for hydroelectric power, exhaust manifolds, etc.
Castings for Industrial Machine Parts
Iron castings and steel castings for injection molding machines or for electric power facilities
Design Models
Prototype and design models by 3D Printer
Castings for Dies and Molds
Castings for stamping dies or for plastic molds
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