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ISO Certification
Company Mission (Quality and Environmental Policy)   Green Procurement
Company Mission (Quality and Environmental Policy)
1. We heartily provide products and services with customer satisfaction and environmental care.
2. We always make creative efforts for new technology and efficient use of naturalresources.
3. We promote formation of safe clean and vital workplace.
4. We make social contributions through healthy corporate management.

Certificate of
ISO9001 & 14001
(Head office, Yaga plant,
Kaita plant)
(1) Based on international standard ISO14001, we build environmental management system, attempt to improve continuously, and make efforts to prevent environmental pollution.
(2) We comply with the law and other requirements about environment.
(3) We establish the environmental targets and objectives and tackle them throughout the company as well as review regularly.
(4) In business activities with consideration of the environment, we especially make efforts to tackle the following points.
  1. Saving energy and resources to avoid depletion of natural resources.
  2. Prevention of pollution by thorough control of facilities.
  3. Reduction and recycling of waste and emissions.

(5) In product development phase, we design with consideration of the environment.
(6) We carry out risk management to prevent and ease environmental influence in emergency.
Green Procurement
Imanishi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. maintains the natural environment through business activities and conserves limited resources.
By developing such environmental conservation activities, we contribute to realize sustainable development and affluent society and we fulfill corporate social responsibility.
As part of that, in addition to quality, costs and delivery time, we promote "Green Procurement" in which environmental issues are more taken into consideration.
Green Procurement Guidelines of Imanishi Mfg. Co., Ltd.
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