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Cast-in Pipe Insert Castings
  Cast-in pipe technology is to lay copper or steel pipes inside castings without pipe damage. These pipes are used for heat control of molds.
  We can set these pipes uniformly along the shaped surface. Therefore thermal conductivity is high and temperature of molds can be changed up and down effectively.
■ Copper Pipes
  The castings are made of ZAS and have copper pipes inside. We select copper pipes, for ZAS castings because copper pipes can resist low melting point of ZAS and copper pipes are easy to curve. The thermal conductivity is high because we can lay pipes more freely by this method than by hole drilling device.
■ Effect on Molds
  Castings with cast-in copper pipes are effective in molding with high temperature or with heat control. We can deal with molds of varied thickness in parts or thin-walled molds.
■ Steel Pipes
  The castings are made of FC or FCD and have steel pipes.
  Normally steel pipes can not resist melting point of iron. We developed cast-in pipe technology with steel pipes, and acquired the patent.
   Piping is not easy because the diameter is larger and thicker than copper pipes. Even so pipes can be laid along shaped surface.
■ Mold Design of Cast-in Pipe
  We arrange with customers about adoption of cast-in pipe technology or routes of pipes.
  We design routes of pipes and examine the layout by 3D CAD.
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